August 2013

Post image for Firelighting: Why We Teach It The Way We Do

A while ago I posted the above photo from my phone to the Frontier Bushcraft Facebook page. It shows Ian Lawson giving a fire-lighting demonstration (under nice, dry conditions) on our award-winning Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course. We received many good-natured, tongue-in-cheek comments about the apparent height of the flames, some asking if we’d set […] Read more...


Post image for David Scott-Donelan Joins Forces With Frontier Bushcraft

We are excited to announce Frontier Bushcraft has joined forces with The Scott-Donelan Tracking School to offer a range of tracking training solutions in the UK. David Scott-Donelan – or “DSD” as he is commonly referred to – is regarded as one of the world’s most effective and capable tracking instructors. First exposed to tracking […] Read more...