April 2017

Post image for It’s Not The End Of The World – Keeping Up Morale Outdoors

How do you cheer yourself up? The Frontier team discuss how they manage their moods whilst working outdoors. Everyone at some point will experience a low, but how do we get over it? Read more...


Post image for First Aid Training For Frontier’s Remote Environments

However much first aid training you’ve done, it’s always good to refresh in order to keep the important knowledge front of mind and to keep a cool head in an emergency. In this article, Paul Kirtley outlines the sort of first aid training the Frontier team regularly undertake, with examples from the most recent staff first aid training… Read more...


Post image for Tips From The Team – Good Hygiene Practices

Good hygiene is essential for physical and mental health, particularly when spending time outdoors. The Frontier team offer some handy tips for maintaining a routine level of personal cleanliness when weight, space or location may be a consideration. Read more...


Going Wild With Cheese

by Alison Delaney

Post image for Going Wild With Cheese

Cheese lovers ! Celebrate springtime with some delicious home-made goats cheese infused with the delicate wild garlic and onion flavours that the season provides. Alison Delaney shows how simple it can be. Read more...


Post image for Making Tracks In Iceland: Building Hiking Trails With The Icelandic Forestry Service

Henry Landon volunteered with the Icelandic Forestry Service, to build, repair and maintain the trails that are so popular with hikers. As well as making some new friends and enjoying the breathtaking scenery on the Laugavegur trail, he now has more appreciation for those that take on such essential work. Read more...