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by Team Frontier

mora knife

Mora Knife. Photo; Paul Kirtley

Did you know we have an online shop?


We stock and sell a range of carefully selected quality equipment for use outdoors. Whether you are an occasional camper out for a weekend in the woods, or a hardened hiker off for a trek through Iceland, you will, at some point, need to use at least one item that we hold.

Our range covers all your basic needs; fire, water, tools and equipment. You may have heard the phrase ‘All the gear and no idea’? This is not what we want for you. Quite the opposite. At Frontier, we operate successfully on a minimal kit. So, what we offer on our online shop is carefully aligned with skillsets and functionality, not profit.


If you have attended any of our courses, or follow our blog, then you know that we only promote the items that we have personally used, or own. Frontier Bushcraft is not interested in selling you something you don’t need.

Our tagline - Proudly supplying excellence in adventure - pretty much sums up our sales ethic. We want you to have the best experiences outdoors and if we can help in any way, be it through teaching you the skills on one of our courses or just by supplying your drinking bottle, it’s all good.


If you make a purchase from us, you not only have your normal consumer guarantee and manufacturers’ warranty but you have the knowledge that this is an item we recommend. Our team has between them an extraordinary amount of skill and knowledge so we have the expertise that can help you. We can offer advice on how best to use it, store it, keep it safe and in good working condition. Our pricing is extremely competetive and you will always have the confidence that this has been selected as the right item for your own personal needs.


A concise range suitable for all levels of skill and requirements. Our team has used all the knives we sell. If you’re not sure which one is right for you the just drop us a line and we can discuss it. A knife should last a lifetime so we want to know that we have given you the best possible advice and the best tool for the job. Can’t see the model you want? If we don’t stock it then we can almost certainly source it for you.

Mora knife

Mora Knife. Photo; Paul Kirtley

Mora Companion Knife 840 MG - Used by experts and beginners alike, the Mora Companion is perfect for bushcraft and provides unbeatable value.

Fallkniven TK4c Folding Knife - The Fallkniven TK4 is an exceptionally well-made, strong yet lightweight folding pocket knife. It's a reliable back-up to a belt knife and often the only knife you need for many outdoor jobs.

Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife - The Heavy Duty MG is Mora's most robust Companion knife - ideal for serious outdoors people.

Mora 120 Woodcarving Knife - A classic Scandinavian wood carving knife by Frosts of Sweden.


Good tools are an investment. With the correct care and attention they should last a lifetime and give you good service. A routine should be developed when using your tools and, also, when storing them and putting them away. Rust is our enemy and a blunt knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife.

Fallkniven DC4 Diamond Ceramic Whetstone - Fallkniven diamond/ceramic whetstone with leather case. Great to keep in your pocket.

Fallkniven DC 4

Fallkniven-DC4. Photo; Paul Kirtley


Probably the most important factor in outdoor survival, a fire can be a life-saver. At the very least it is a source of comfort and vehicle for sustenance. Water can be boiled, tea can be brewed, food can be cooked, clothes can be dried, spirits can be raised. On our courses we will teach you a variety of fire lighting methods but we all carry a firesteel as part of our basic kit.

Light My Fire Swedish Firesteel Army 2.0 Model - This Swedish Firesteel is an essential piece of outdoor equipment and the 2.0 Army Model is the best version yet.

LMF Firesteel

LMF Firesteel. Photo; Paul Kirtley


If you are familiar with Frontier Bushcraft you will know that we do a LOT of outdoor camp-fire cooking. We take pride in what we prepare and eat and offer to our clients. Over the years, we have adapted recipes and cooking methods so that all we need is a Dutch pot and a Billy can and the fire itself. When we get the time, we will always try out new dishes.

The beauty of outdoor cooking is that every time the result will be slightly different. Once you understand the way the utensils work and the ways you can manage the fire to get the best result then really, anything is possible! If you ever want to try any of our trusted recipes then just contact us and we will send you a list of suggested ingredients and method.

Zebra Stainless Steel Billy Cans – comes with internal dish. Available in 3 sizes: 12,14 and 16cm.

Crusader Mug-Cup Canteen - High-grade stainless steel mug with 750ml capacity.

BCB Crusader Mug

BCB Crusader Mug. Photo; Paul Kirtley

Nests with NATO water bottle. Doubles as small a cooking pot. Can be placed over, or in, a fire.

Water Bottle – NATO Issue - A black plastic 950ml (32 oz) capacity bottle.


High quality all-metal camping kettle. Perfect for use over a campfire. Four sizes available.

Our best-selling kettle is the ideal accompaniment to any outdoor fire. A classic design, it looks the part and does the job. What better sight than a steaming kettle suspended over a roaring camp-fire? It does the heart good to know that a warming drink or a hot wash is on the way!

Kirtley Companion Kettle: 2.5 Litres

Kirtley Camp Kettle: 5 and 7 Litres

Frontier Large Camp Kettle: 10 Litres

Kirtley kettle

Kirtley Kettle. Photo; Paul Kirtley


Brown Bag – Regular or Group

An important step in the production of clean drinking water, the Brown Bag removes turbidity - sand, mud, silt or other suspended particulate matter such as decomposing organic material - from water, when in the great outdoors. Compact, durable and lightweight, one full Brown Bag produces approximately 2.5 litres/5 pints of water.


There are a million things you can use paracord for; trip wire, tow rope, repair cord, washing line, guy line, just to name a few obvious ones. We don’t have them in trendy bracelet form but hope that this is a more of a useful purchase than a fashion statement. Either way, something that should be in everyone’s kit.

550 Type III Paracord in 50 or 100 foot lengths. Available in Black, Olive Drab or Solar Orange. Genuine parachute cord, comprising a tough outer and 7-strand core, with a breaking strain of 550 lb. 100% Nylon. Invaluable for use in the great outdoors.

550 paracord

550 Paracord. Photo; Paul Kirtley


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Go on, have a look today!

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