July 2017

Post image for Bog Myrtle Balm – Not Just For Insects

Having experienced the efficacy of bog myrtle as a natural insect repellent but also experienced the voraciousness of the midges of her native Irish peat bogs, Alison Delaney set about creating a bog myrtle-based insect repellent she could carry with her and deploy, regardless of whether there was any bog myrtle nearby. Along the way, she inadvertently discovered some other powerful properties of her creation… Read more...


Post image for How The Team Deal With Creepy Crawlies When Camping

Summer is a glorious time. Many of us will be exploring, camping and sleeping outdoors. But what about the bugs and other little nasties? They can be annoying! Here, the Frontier Bushcraft team talk about how they managing bugs and bites, as well as how to avoid any unnecessary discomfort… Read more...