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Cooking Beef In A Pit Oven

by Paul Nicholls

Post image for Cooking Beef In A Pit Oven

Paul Nicholls and his camp chums; Martin Tomlinson and Andrew Casey, show us how they cooked a cut of Beef in a Pit Oven, lit with the bow drill method. Read more...

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Post image for How I Carved A Knife In A Log

Although he is best known as ‘Spoons’, Paul Nicholls has made many other beautiful carvings. Have a look at how he designed and carved the spectacular life-size replica of a ‘Knife in a log’, which he presented as a gift to Paul Kirtley this year. Read more...


Post image for A Springtime Feast: Cooking Up A Treat In The Woods

Frontier Instructional Team member Henry Landon recounts a springtime foray into the woods to cook up a springtime feast in a pit oven. On what was already set to be a great day in the woods, Henry and companion discovered an extra bonus, enough to delight even the most discerning foragers… Read more...


Post image for Spotlight On The International Frontiers Of Bushcraft

The UK is seen as a hub of Bushcraft knowledge, a centre of excellence, with a number of strong, well-established bushcraft schools and experienced professional instructors. This attracts international students from countries far and wide, where there is an increasing interest in bushcraft. Equally, a growing international community of bushcraft instructors and enthusiasts is allowing strong international relationships and communities to develop around the subject… Read more...


Post image for It’s Not The End Of The World – Keeping Up Morale Outdoors

How do you cheer yourself up? The Frontier team discuss how they manage their moods whilst working outdoors. Everyone at some point will experience a low, but how do we get over it? Read more...


Post image for Making Gypsy Flowers – An Exercise In Knife Skills

Wooden Gypsy flowers are a traditional craft and art form. Paul ‘Spoons’ Nicholls shows us how he makes these charming and versatile flowers which make ideal gifts or decoration… Read more...


Post image for Celebrating Success – Continuing Personal & Professional Development

The Frontier Bushcraft team strive to develop their core bushcraft skills, always. But they are also encouraged to develop in areas of personal and professional development which dovetail with their core skills, giving them insight into other systems, approaches and methodologies. Working with other outdoor professionals, from mountain guides to deer stalkers, exposes them to varied approaches to the outdoors and a range of quality leadership styles. As a result, our colleagues stretch themselves physically and mentally, taking their professionalism to the next level. See what the team has achieved in the last year… Read more...


Expedition Canoeing Skills

by Paul Kirtley

Begin Your Journey Along The Path Of The Paddle If you’d love to make journeys – large or small – by open canoe then this course has been designed for you. Our week-long programme delivers the paddling and campcraft skills you need to get under way with canoe-camping trips. Combined with important safety, rescue and […] Read more...


Post image for Frontier and Friends at The Bushcraft Show 2013

At The Bushcraft Show 2013, the Frontier Bushcraft team gave demonstrations, talks, presentations and ran workshops. We also had the great pleasure of receiving a special knife from Lofty Wiseman in recognition of our winning 4 of the Best in Bushcraft Awards. What was best though was seeing old friends and making new ones. It […] Read more...


Post image for How The Team Deal With Creepy Crawlies When Camping

Summer is a glorious time. Many of us will be exploring, camping and sleeping outdoors. But what about the bugs and other little nasties? They can be annoying! Here, the Frontier Bushcraft team talk about how they managing bugs and bites, as well as how to avoid any unnecessary discomfort… Read more...