Alison Delaney

Post image for Beech Leaf Noyau – A Delectable Botanical Infusion

Alison Delaney explains how she makes one of her favourite uses of seasonal resources – beech leaf noyau – a liqueur infused with fresh, green beech leaves. Alison also describes an even easier variation on this theme too… Read more...


Post image for Bog Myrtle Balm – Not Just For Insects

Having experienced the efficacy of bog myrtle as a natural insect repellent but also experienced the voraciousness of the midges of her native Irish peat bogs, Alison Delaney set about creating a bog myrtle-based insect repellent she could carry with her and deploy, regardless of whether there was any bog myrtle nearby. Along the way, she inadvertently discovered some other powerful properties of her creation… Read more...


Going Wild With Cheese

by Alison Delaney

Post image for Going Wild With Cheese

Cheese lovers ! Celebrate springtime with some delicious home-made goats cheese infused with the delicate wild garlic and onion flavours that the season provides. Alison Delaney shows how simple it can be. Read more...


Post image for Ground Elder Soup – A Springtime Seasonal Foraged Favourite

Spring is just around the corner! So, we continue our series of favourite outdoor meals with Alison Delaney’s delicious foraged Ground Elder soup. A seasonal treat! Read more...