Ray Goodwin

Mastering The J-Stroke

by Ray Goodwin

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Even in easy conditions, whether we are paddling a canoe solo, or paddling tandem, we are going to have to do some form of steering. There’s a whole variety of strokes that you can use. What we are also interested in is travelling forwards. So, for efficiency, we are interested in power strokes that also incorporate some steering. In this post, which includes a very clear instructional video, Ray Goodwin first looks at the difference between two main families of paddle strokes that we may use for forward propulsion combined with a steering element, before going on to focus on the J-stroke and the ways it can be applied, in different situations and with different types of paddles… Read more...

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“I loved it on both white water and in the wind. It was turning into my favourite white-water paddle of all time.” Ray Goodwin is impressed by the craftsmanship and performance of Downcreek paddles’ beautiful new white-water paddle design; The Big Dipper. Read more...


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My choice of title for this article was made carefully. This is not a general article on outfitting, covering all the many permutations according to country, environment, taste or use. Rather, it is very much about how I outfit my canoe for the work and journeys that I do in the UK and Europe. By […] Read more...


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There is an acronym we use within paddle sports for leadership situations which provides a good set of guidelines to follow. You can actually apply these principles more broadly, wherever leadership is required in an outdoor setting. The acronym is CLAP. That stands for… Communication Line of sight Avoidance (is better than cure) Position of […] Read more...


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Stowing your equipment properly is an important consideration for any canoe trip. It’s important for protecting your kit. It’s important for your safety. Whether you are heading out on the water for the day or for several weeks, there are a number of alternatives available to you. This article will help to make sure you […] Read more...