Campfire Cookery

Post image for Martin’s Hare Curry Over The Campfire

Martin Tomlinson makes good use of a hare gifted to him by a local gamekeeper by producing a delicious campfire curry in beautiful natural surroundings. There’s some good campcraft and fire management along the way too… Read more...


Post image for Roast Guinea Fowl With Cabbage: A Dutch Oven Delight

Frontier Bushcraft team member Iain Gair first introduced this recipe to other members of the team as a campfire cookery treat. It has since become a firm favourite in the Frontier camp… Read more...


Post image for Campfire Cookery Surprise and Delight – From Casseroles To Cakes

Good campfire cookery is important – for basic nutrition and energy, of course. But food can be much more than this. Ultimately, it’s an opportunity to surprise and delight. We asked some of the Frontier Bushcraft team which of their campfire cooking repertoire surprises others… Read more...


Post image for Campfire Flatbreads – Quick, Easy and Tasty

Flat breads are one of the easiest breads to make, indoors or outdoors. Indeed, flat breads exist in the cuisine of many cultures around the world. Once you have flour, you can make flat breads. Once you have a fire, you can make campfire flatbreads… Read more...


Post image for How To Make Bannock In A Billy Can Insert

Bannock is a simple yet tasty campfire bread, requiring a few basic ingredients which can be added to for variety. These breads easily be made with the cooking equipment pretty much every bushcrafter carries with them… and Zebra billy can inserts make a great baking tray… Read more...


Cooking Beef In A Pit Oven

by Paul Nicholls

Post image for Cooking Beef In A Pit Oven

Paul Nicholls and his camp chums; Martin Tomlinson and Andrew Casey, show us how they cooked a cut of Beef in a Pit Oven, lit with the bow drill method. Read more...

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