What The Frontier Team Is Up To

Post image for Paul Kirtley’s Bushcraft Show 2017 Main Stage Presentations

Here are Paul Kirtley’s main stage presentation on accelerating your bushcraft learning and the live #AskPaulKirtley from the 2017 Bushcraft Show… Read more...


Post image for Frontier Bushcraft At The 2017 Bushcraft Show

Frontier Bushcraft is one of the main sponsors of the 2017 Bushcraft Show and we have lots of demonstrations, presentations and activities planned for this event, which takes place over the long weekend of 27th-29th May… Read more...


Post image for First Aid Training For Frontier’s Remote Environments

However much first aid training you’ve done, it’s always good to refresh in order to keep the important knowledge front of mind and to keep a cool head in an emergency. In this article, Paul Kirtley outlines the sort of first aid training the Frontier team regularly undertake, with examples from the most recent staff first aid training… Read more...


Post image for Downcreek Big Dipper: The Evolution Of An Outstanding Paddle

“I loved it on both white water and in the wind. It was turning into my favourite white-water paddle of all time.” Ray Goodwin is impressed by the craftsmanship and performance of Downcreek paddles’ beautiful new white-water paddle design; The Big Dipper. Read more...


Post image for Celebrating Success – Continuing Personal & Professional Development

The Frontier Bushcraft team strive to develop their core bushcraft skills, always. But they are also encouraged to develop in areas of personal and professional development which dovetail with their core skills, giving them insight into other systems, approaches and methodologies. Working with other outdoor professionals, from mountain guides to deer stalkers, exposes them to varied approaches to the outdoors and a range of quality leadership styles. As a result, our colleagues stretch themselves physically and mentally, taking their professionalism to the next level. See what the team has achieved in the last year… Read more...


Post image for Frontier Bushcraft Team Canoeing Weekend – Winter 2016

The Frontier Bushcraft team take to three varied canoeing venues in North Wales as part of their annual end-of-season canoeing weekend… Read more...


Post image for Bushcraft Workshops At The Canoe Symposium

Frontier Bushcraft was invited to run a number of workshops at the 2016 Welsh Canoe Symposium. Kevin Callan, the celebrated Canadian author and speaker, was special guest at the symposium and gave several entertaining and thought provoking talks. He also spent a good amount of time going around speaking with symposium attendees and videoing the various goings on, including some of our sessions, which you can see in this blog post… Read more...


Bushcraft And Beating Drums

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for Bushcraft And Beating Drums

One of the things I love about teaching outdoors is the diversity that it affords. Throughout the year, I’m lucky to be able to run a variety of courses at a range of venues. Every place is unique and has a different mix of resources that can be used for teaching bushcraft. More stimulating still […] Read more...


Post image for Frontier At The Bushcraft Show 2014

Frontier Bushcraft will again be demonstrating and presenting at the Bushcraft Show in 2014. In fact, we will be fielding a stronger team than ever. It’s a great opportunity to come down and meet us. Not only will I be there with a contingent of our instructional team, we will also have some of our […] Read more...


Carry On Kilimanjaro

by Henry Landon

Post image for Carry On Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is something I have wanted to do for a long while. In January this year (2014) after months of research and weeks of planning, my friend and colleague Tom Kaye and I boarded a plane to do exactly that. The peak of Kilimanjaro is at 19,710ft above sea level (5,896m) and is the […] Read more...