Wilderness Canoeing

Post image for Downcreek Big Dipper: The Evolution Of An Outstanding Paddle

“I loved it on both white water and in the wind. It was turning into my favourite white-water paddle of all time.” Ray Goodwin is impressed by the craftsmanship and performance of Downcreek paddles’ beautiful new white-water paddle design; The Big Dipper. Read more...


Post image for The Birch Bark Canoe: Navigating A New World

  At Frontier HQ we’ve watched this video documentary multiple times and love it. It does a great job of blending the art, science and history of the canoe. On the one hand, the canoe is a romantic vehicle of the past; on the other hand it remains the deeply practical craft it always has […] Read more...


Post image for Being Part Of The Wilderness; Not Just Surviving It

My friend, author and outdoor educator, Kevin Callan recently added the above film to his YouTube channel. It’s a little more serious than many of his offerings but I think it’s a great short film which reflects his deep love of wild places and accessing them by canoe. For me, one of Kevin’s comments really […] Read more...


A still from the classic wilderness documentary

Wilderness Day is a classic canoe camping documentary from 1954 filmed in the Quetico Superior wilderness area, in northern Minnesota. The film harks back to another age yet contains timeless messages about respect for nature and the value of being proficient in wilderness skills… Read more...


River Spey Descent Video

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for River Spey Descent Video

  This video takes you on the full journey from Loch Insh to Spey Bay, 70 miles down the River Spey with the Frontier Bushcraft expedition led by Ray Goodwin and Paul Kirtley. To find out more about opportunities to join future River Spey Expeditions, click here. Read more...


River Spey First Cut

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for River Spey First Cut

  Last week, Ray Goodwin and I ran a very successful River Spey Canoe Expedition with a lovely bunch of people. It really was very enjoyable. We’ve been going through the video footage of the trip and while we still have a lot of head-cam footage to sort yet, we’ve collected together a selection of […] Read more...


Post image for Outfitting My Canoe: Ray Goodwin

My choice of title for this article was made carefully. This is not a general article on outfitting, covering all the many permutations according to country, environment, taste or use. Rather, it is very much about how I outfit my canoe for the work and journeys that I do in the UK and Europe. By […] Read more...


Post image for Wildlife From The Water: Looking Nature In The Eye

When people talk of the canoe allowing you to get close to nature, you’d be forgiven for thinking of extended trips deep into the heart of the Canadian wilderness. It’s true that the ability to paddle a canoe gains you access to wild country difficult or impossible to access on foot. It’s also true that […] Read more...


Post image for French River Expedition Video

  More About The French River Expedition: The French River expedition is our foundation-level Canadian canoeing trip. Here you can hone and integrate your bushcraft and expedition canoeing skills. The expedition provides fantastic opportunity to follow the paddles and portages of natives, explorers and voyageurs on a Canadian Heritage River. Find out more…   Read more...


Post image for CLAP: An Acronym For Outdoor Safety

There is an acronym we use within paddle sports for leadership situations which provides a good set of guidelines to follow. You can actually apply these principles more broadly, wherever leadership is required in an outdoor setting. The acronym is CLAP. That stands for… Communication Line of sight Avoidance (is better than cure) Position of […] Read more...