Post image for The Birch Bark Canoe: Navigating A New World

  At Frontier HQ we’ve watched this video documentary multiple times and love it. It does a great job of blending the art, science and history of the canoe. On the one hand, the canoe is a romantic vehicle of the past; on the other hand it remains the deeply practical craft it always has […] Read more...


Post image for Being Part Of The Wilderness; Not Just Surviving It

My friend, author and outdoor educator, Kevin Callan recently added the above film to his YouTube channel. It’s a little more serious than many of his offerings but I think it’s a great short film which reflects his deep love of wild places and accessing them by canoe. For me, one of Kevin’s comments really […] Read more...


Post image for Firelighting: Preparation And Attention To Detail

Preparation and attention to detail are two of the key differentiators between success and failure when it comes to lighting a fire outdoors. Many people rush to achieve a flame, only to have insufficient or poorly prepared kindling and larger fuel. The key is to spend sufficient time gathering the materials you need, making sure […] Read more...


Bushcraft And Beating Drums

by Paul Kirtley

Post image for Bushcraft And Beating Drums

One of the things I love about teaching outdoors is the diversity that it affords. Throughout the year, I’m lucky to be able to run a variety of courses at a range of venues. Every place is unique and has a different mix of resources that can be used for teaching bushcraft. More stimulating still […] Read more...


Post image for Frontier At The Bushcraft Show 2014

Frontier Bushcraft will again be demonstrating and presenting at the Bushcraft Show in 2014. In fact, we will be fielding a stronger team than ever. It’s a great opportunity to come down and meet us. Not only will I be there with a contingent of our instructional team, we will also have some of our […] Read more...


Carry On Kilimanjaro

by Henry Landon

Post image for Carry On Kilimanjaro

Climbing Kilimanjaro is something I have wanted to do for a long while. In January this year (2014) after months of research and weeks of planning, my friend and colleague Tom Kaye and I boarded a plane to do exactly that. The peak of Kilimanjaro is at 19,710ft above sea level (5,896m) and is the […] Read more...


Post image for Positive Mental Attitude Became The Essential Ingredient

A day of challenges, compounded by torrential rain, illustrates the broader benefits of training in wilderness bushcraft skills… Read more...


Post image for Staff Training Camp: Back To Bushcraft Basics

While we run courses and trips year round, the majority of our open courses take place in Spring, Summer and early Autumn, with this course season really kicking off around Easter. In preparation for this, every Spring the Frontier Bushcraft team gather together for a pre-season training camp. It’s a time when the old hands […] Read more...


Post image for First Aid Training: An Annual Dose Of Reality

I’m just back from overseeing 10 days of training and development for our instructional team. This included several days of first aid training. First aid training is important. My personal view is that first aid should be taught at school. Everyone would benefit from the general population having a better knowledge of basic life support. […] Read more...


Post image for Tips & Tricks: Tarp Guyline Attachment Options

Those of us who are fans of tarps already know they are a versatile and protective shelter. A tarp made of a modern lightweight material takes up little space in your pack yet creates a relatively large covered area for little weight. What’s more you can have a fire under a tarp if you pitch […] Read more...