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Post image for It’s Not The End Of The World – Keeping Up Morale Outdoors

How do you cheer yourself up? The Frontier team discuss how they manage their moods whilst working outdoors. Everyone at some point will experience a low, but how do we get over it? Read more...


Post image for Walking The Camino de Santiago: Reflections And Advice

The Camino de Santiago is a walk or a hike or a pilgrimage. To involve yourself with the Camino is a choice; how you involve yourself, from where and for how long is also of your choosing. Astrid Callomon shares her experience of hiking the Camino, a surprisingly beautiful route, with the intention of inspiring others to make a journey on foot. In particular, the piece gives aspiring Camino hikers some things to think about and points to aid in the making of the decisions about how to approach this intriguing trail… Read more...


Post image for Bushcraft Inspiration in the Heart of London

Recently my family and I had a great day at the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust site in Barnes, London. I was already looking forward to a nice day out with my kids, wife, aunt and uncle but was pleasantly surprised to find some wilderness living inspiration alongside all of the great nature-based activities and interest […] Read more...


The Joy of Tracks

by Paul Kirtley

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An interest in animal tracks and sign is something of an affliction. If you become hooked, country walks can become very slow affairs. You certainly have to have understanding walking partners. Once you start looking, there are signs of animal activity everywhere… In fact, after you tune in to the evidence of wildlife activity in […] Read more...


Post image for How to Use the Northern Lights for Navigation

The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, are a phenomena of high latitudes. Science informs us that the aurora are caused by solar wind interacting with the Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere. Long before modern science formed theories about the northern lights, indigenous peoples of the north observed their usefulness. I have heard anecdotes about aurora […] Read more...


Painting Canada: Tom Tomson and the Group of Seven

Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven are pretty much household names in Canada: Certainly, when visiting Ontario over the past few years, this group of artists – the centre of gravity of which was in Toronto – seems to often crop up in conversation. Much of their art is associated with the type of […] Read more...


Frontier Bushcraft team members join Ray Goodwin on River Spey descent

Last week Ben Gray and I joined Ray Goodwin for a canoe trip down the River Spey. Starting at Loch Insh, in the shadow of the Cairngorm mountains, we descended to the sea at Spey Bay over the course of three-and-a-half days. Along the way there was some great paddling and an opportunity to apply […] Read more...