Post image for Elk Scran: A Pop-Up Feast In Paradise

Food aficionado Iain Gair shares a rare insight into the preparation of Elk Scran, probably one of the most elusive dishes known to man. There is no definitive recipe and no pictorial evidence. If you can find it, it will be served in a tiny pop-up restaurant somewhere in the northern coniferous forest… Read more...


Post image for Kayaking The Stockholm Archipelago

Uninhabited islands, calm, sheltered and clear waters, stunning views, sunshine and freedom characterise the Stockholm archipelago. Astrid Callomon and friends take to sea kayaks for wild camping exploration of this stunning area. Read more in Astrid’s captivating article… Read more...


The Joy of Tracks

by Paul Kirtley

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An interest in animal tracks and sign is something of an affliction. If you become hooked, country walks can become very slow affairs. You certainly have to have understanding walking partners. Once you start looking, there are signs of animal activity everywhere… In fact, after you tune in to the evidence of wildlife activity in […] Read more...