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Post image for It’s Not The End Of The World – Keeping Up Morale Outdoors

How do you cheer yourself up? The Frontier team discuss how they manage their moods whilst working outdoors. Everyone at some point will experience a low, but how do we get over it? Read more...


Going Wild With Cheese

by Alison Delaney

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Cheese lovers ! Celebrate springtime with some delicious home-made goats cheese infused with the delicate wild garlic and onion flavours that the season provides. Alison Delaney shows how simple it can be. Read more...


Post image for Ground Elder Soup – A Springtime Seasonal Foraged Favourite

Spring is just around the corner! So, we continue our series of favourite outdoor meals with Alison Delaney’s delicious foraged Ground Elder soup. A seasonal treat! Read more...


Post image for Carex Pendula:  How The Sedge Crumbles

Pendulous Sedge, Carex pendula is an extremely widespread plant found throughout most of the United Kingdom. It is known to grow as far north as Denmark and Sweden up 58oN latitude, and as far south as West Africa and the Middle-East. It has been reported to be spreading across North America and has… Read more...


Post image for Intermediate Bushcraft Skills: An Exercise in Elimination

At first, learning bushcraft is about gaining fundamental knowledge and basic techniques, learning the most useful and widely-applicable elementary bushcraft skills. These bushcraft skills are largely aimed at addressing your basic needs – shelter, fire, water and food. Here there is a substantial overlap with survival skills. Basic bushcraft skills are typically directly applicable without […] Read more...


Post image for Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course Video

Even though it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a Spring, the year is progressing at pace. It doesn’t seem like long ago that I was writing about the March equinox but we are now just around the corner from the June solstice. The Frontier team has been out in the woods for a […] Read more...


Post image for A Rough Weekend in the Midlands and an Object Lesson in Interconnectedness

Last weekend I jumped in my Land Rover and braved the motorways to visit a great group of bushcraft enthusiasts in the Midlands. The group are all active members of BushcraftUK and regularly get together at Rough Close Scout camp for social meets where they share skills and time in the woods together. On waking […] Read more...


Jew's Ear fungus on Elder

I was out in the woods with a couple of clients on a private 2-day course. They were interested in improving their plant and tree identification as well as refreshing friction fire-lighting skills – both bow-drill and hand-drill. I had planned to spend most of the daylight hours of the first day exploring the woods, […] Read more...


A Pair of Perennial Edibles

by Paul Kirtley

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The word perennial derives from the Latin per (meaning throughout) and annus (meaning year), and applied to plants indicates species that persist from one year to the next. This doesn’t necessarily mean, though, that the above-ground parts of the plants persist throughout the winter. For example, a Daffodil is a perennial that survives from one […] Read more...


Post image for A Private Course for BushcraftUK Group

Last weekend I headed north to run a private course for a group of bushcraft enthusiasts. The group are all active members of BushcraftUK and meet regularly to camp out and share skills. The venue of the course was the group’s usual camping ground, a wooded Scout campsite close to Coventry. I was contacted earlier […] Read more...