Ray Goodwin’s 2017 Bushcraft Show Presentation

Ray Goodwin, daughter and friends canoeing rafted canoes in Wales
The joy of introducing a new generation to paddlers to canoeing… Photo courtesy of Ray Goodwin.

Getting Started With Canoeing: The Fun And The Pitfalls

Many who enjoy Bushcraft would love to add canoeing to their ways of accessing nature and heading out camping for a few days. But how do you get started? And what safety precautions should you take, particularly if you have kids?

Ray Goodwin works closely with Frontier Bushcraft on our canoe-based courses and expeditions. Ray is one of the foremost professional canoe coaches in the UK, a technical safety adviser to outdoor centres, as well as literally having written the book on canoeing. He has spent many years introducing people to paddling and developing his students skills and experience at every level.

Man swimming out of recirculation hydraulic in river in Wales
Canoeing is a lot of fun and will take you to fantastic places but there are some pitfalls to avoid, particularly for the beginner. Photo: Ray Goodwin.

Ray is also a dad and has had great joy in gradually introducing his young daughter to canoeing and other aspects of paddling. Paddling with his daughter now involves undertaking everything from day-trips in North Wales to wilderness trips further afield, including not only his own family but others with young kids too.

In the presentation below, Ray brings together these different strands of experience of introducing people – young and old – to canoeing to share some tips and insights on the dangers facing inexperienced paddlers as well as the joy and fun of it all.

You can also watch the above video presentation on YouTube here.

Where Would You Like Canoeing To Take You?

Where would you love to paddle? What journeys would you like to make by canoe? Who do you know want to take paddling with you who has never canoed before? Beginner or experienced paddler alike, we’d love to hear about your paddling aspirations in the comments below…

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