Frontier Bushcraft Private Family Course campfireFor groups, we can provide our existing bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions on a private basis.

We can also work with you to create bespoke training courses, trips and events tailored to your specific needs and objectives. Read more about a featured example here.

For individuals, and small groups we can provide private, one-to-one training and tuition in many of the bushcraft skills that we teach.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your private and bespoke requirements. One of our senior instructors will personally deal with your enquiry as soon as they are available.

Our bespoke and private course/expedition provision is completely flexible but below are some examples of areas we get involved in:

Private Family Courses

Frontier Bushcraft Private Family Course - Father and SonOne of our most popular forms of bespoke courses is a private family course, whereby a group of friends with their children or an extended family get together for a few days of camping in the woods. We provide private woodland, logistics, base camp, activities and instruction, and even food. This is a great way to spend some quality time with family and friends, to relax and get away from it all. It can be as challenging or relaxing as you want to make it. Read more about a featured example here.

Corporate Groups and Team Building

Frontier Bushcraft team building - building a shelterWe provide courses and experiences for colleagues and co-workers. Whatever your aim – to have some fun, build bonds between team-members, or challenge leadership teams in unconventional yet rewarding ways, we can provide a programme for you. We are not fans of unrealistic scenarios for providing the basis for team building exercises. Rather, through our work with teaching people in the great outdoors and leading people on expeditions, we have seen the true value in the challenges that outdoor life can bring.

Frontier Bushcraft team work - sawing. Many circumstances of purely existing outdoors require team work and co-operation. The outcomes of decision making processes are often more immediate and direct in the great outdoors; therefore, feedback processes can be condensed into shorter timeframes. Relying upon nature for some of the luxuries of modern life that we take for granted –even for some of the necessities of life we don’t – can bring about powerful moments of reflection and opportunities for reinforcing positive attitudes amongst your team.

Courses for Professional Groups

We can take our off-the-shelf courses and tailor them to professionals who require the skills we teach to enhance their skill-base for their work. Such courses can be delivered privately at one of our venues or one of yours. Tracking is a particular example. Contact us for more details.

Private Expeditions

If you would prefer to undertake one of our expeditions as a private group, then we can arrange this. Alternatively if you would like to undertake a trip of your choice and hire our team to organise the logistics and to guide you, then this can also be arranged. If an expedition requires some prior training (e.g. canoe skills training) then we can also put together packages which include this.

A Private Expediton on The Bloodvein River

For all private and bespoke enquiries, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your course or expedition requirements.

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