Campfire and tarp shelter in woods with man crouching
A warming fire and shelter in the woods of Sussex.

Frontier Bushcraft is one of the UK’s leading bushcraft schools and we have a strong connection to Sussex and the Weald.

We operate throughout the UK but one of our main teaching areas for our bushcraft courses is in East Sussex.

We conduct bushcraft training in a large and beautiful area of woodland just on the edge of the Ashdown Forest.

Within our range of bushcraft courses in Sussex we offer a variety of courses in bushcraft and survival skills, from a 1-day bushcraft course to week-long comprehensive training courses in wilderness bushcraft skills.

Frontier Bushcraft caters for beginners through intermediate to more advanced students of bushcraft and survival skills.

An Award Winning Bushcraft School…

Frontier Bushcraft - Best in Bushcraft Best Bushcraft School Winner 2012

The Frontier Bushcraft school of wilderness bushcraft was set up by Paul Kirtley and has become recognised as one of the leading bushcraft schools in the country.

Our bushcraft courses encourage confidence and self-reliance as part of your outdoors mindset, all while under the expert guidance of our bushcraft course instructors.

At Frontier Bushcraft we are committed to providing the highest quality bushcraft instruction and unparalleled wilderness experiences.

In order to deliver on this commitment, we need great training locations in the UK and this led us setting up one of our main bushcraft training areas in Sussex.

Bushcraft Courses in Sussex: A Natural Choice

Sussex has an interesting and beautiful landscape; there is a great deal of natural diversity. This alone makes Sussex a fantastic place to learn bushcraft – a subject that is firmly rooted in an understanding and knowledge of nature.

Sussex’s natural variety and diversity mean that we can teach comprehensive bushcraft courses that have both breadth and depth.

Bushcraft course group lesson in the Sussex Woods
The deep woodland of Sussex is a perfect learning environment for bushcraft courses.

Moreover, Sussex is the most forested county in England. There are fantastic, large areas of mature woodland that are just not found in other parts of the UK.

Hence, in terms of a training ground for forest-based wilderness skills, Sussex is an excellent area in which to learn.

The High Weald: An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Running our bushcraft training courses in the northern half of East Sussex, to the west of Crowborough, means that we are also within the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the fourth-largest AONB in the UK.

The area of the High Weald AONB represents only 1% of the area of England but it contains 3.4% of England’s woods, making it one of the most densely wooded landscapes.

Indeed, the name “Weald” is derived from the Old English weald, meaning “forest”.

A map of the High Weald, within which Frontier Bushcraft runs courses
The High Weald spans several counties, including East Sussex, where Frontier Bushcraft runs courses.

At the time of the Domesday Book, 1086, the High Weald was the most wooded environment in England. Today, 24.6% of the AONB is woodland, compared with a national average of about 9%. The proportion in parts of the central area of the Weald is significantly higher.

17.6% of the High Weald is covered in ancient woodland; in other words, over half the area’s woodlands are ancient.

Frontier Bushcraft’s training area in the High Weald, borders the Ashdown Forest. This is an internationally important area of lowland heathland and occupies the highest sandstone ridge-top of the High Weald.

This beautiful and varied landscape is a wonderful place to spend time and a fantastic setting within which to learn bushcraft skills.

A Sense of Remoteness

Historically the Weald was quite inaccessible. The deeply forested nature of the area’s interior combined with its geography and underlying geology – in particular being hemmed in by the North Downs and the South Downs – meant the Weald for a long time remained literally “bandit country”; until the Late Middle Ages the forest was a notorious hiding place for bandits, highwaymen and outlaws.

The Weald’s heavy clays and infertile soils means that much of the area remained free of agriculture. Pioneer farmers of the Late Middle Ages created small fields and this character remains today with small fields surrounded by thick hedgerows. This adds to a sense of a closed, woodland environment even where the land was cleared.

So despite its proximity to both London to the north and the sea to the south, the Wealden landscape that we see today still has a sense of remoteness, particularly once you get into the centre of more wooded areas.

Wild wood bushcraft course venue in Sussex
The wild woods of Sussex are an excellent environment for wilderness bushcraft skills training. Photo: Paul Kirtley.

While we don’t pretend that we are in the middle of a wilderness, the wildness of the Weald is an excellent backdrop for training in wilderness skills, whether you are actually preparing for a trip in wild and remote country or you just love to spend time in the great outdoors learning new skills and knowledge.

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