Spotlight On The International Frontiers Of Bushcraft

The UK is seen as a hub of Bushcraft knowledge, a centre of excellence, with a number of strong, well-established bushcraft schools and experienced professional instructors. This attracts international students from countries far and wide, where there is an increasing interest in bushcraft. Equally, a growing international community of bushcraft instructors and enthusiasts is allowing strong international relationships and communities to develop around the subject…

Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course Video

Even though it doesn’t feel like we’ve had much of a Spring, the year is progressing at pace. It doesn’t seem like long ago that I was writing about the March equinox but we are now just around the corner … Read More

The Joy of Tracks

An interest in animal tracks and sign is something of an affliction. If you become hooked, country walks can become very slow affairs. You certainly have to have understanding walking partners. Once you start looking, there are signs of animal … Read More