Making Tracks In Iceland: Building Hiking Trails With The Icelandic Forestry Service

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Henry Landon volunteered with the Icelandic Forestry Service, to build, repair and maintain the trails that are so popular with hikers. As well as making some new friends and enjoying the breathtaking scenery on the Laugavegur trail, he now has more appreciation for those that take on such essential work.

Elk Scran: A Pop-Up Feast In Paradise

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Food aficionado Iain Gair shares a rare insight into the preparation of Elk Scran, probably one of the most elusive dishes known to man. There is no definitive recipe and no pictorial evidence. If you can find it, it will be served in a tiny pop-up restaurant somewhere in the northern coniferous forest…

Walking Hadrian’s Wall In Winter

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Frontier Team member Henry Landon hiked along Hadrian’s Wall from the East Coast to the West Coast in January and says it was ‘a rare experience’. This epic journey showed him spectacular views of open countryside, allowing for wild camping, foraging and a fresh perspective on an iconic historical area…