Canoe Expeditions

River Spey Canoe Expedition

View from boat on river Spey

If you want to graduate to wilderness canoe touring there is no better way in Britain than this classic Scottish river journey. Starting at Loch Insh, in the shadow of the Cairngorm mountains, your descent of the River Spey will lead you to the sea at Spey Bay, wild camping each night along the way.
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The French River Canoe Expedition

French River canoe

The French River expedition is our foundation-level Canadian canoeing trip. Here you can hone and integrate your bushcraft and expedition canoeing skills. The expedition provides fantastic opportunity to follow the paddles and portages of natives, explorers and voyageurs on a Canadian Heritage River.
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The Bloodvein River Canoe Expedition

Frontier Bushcraft Canoe Expedition on the Bloodvein River

The land through which the Bloodvein flows is a region of boreal forest the size of Denmark called Pimachiowin Aki (The Land That Gives Life), which Manitoba, Ontario and five First Nations are proposing be a UNESCO world heritage site. The David Suzuki foundation calls it the largest intact piece of boreal forest on the planet.
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Expedition Canoe Training

Expedition Canoeing Skills Course (5 days)

Canoes with improvised sailing rig on Windermere

If you'd love to make canoe journeys - large or small - then this week-long programme delivers the paddling and campcraft skills you need to get under way with canoe-camping trips...
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