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Paul Kirtley teaching on a bushcraft course in sussex
Firelighting on a bushcraft course

Frontier Bushcraft provides a range of bushcraft courses from a one-day foundation to weekends sampling different skill-sets to week-long full-immersion courses.

Even though many of our bushcraft training courses take place in easily-accessible country areas, the emphasis is very much on training in bushcraft skills that will back you up in wild country. No matter whether you intend to use your skills in your local woods or further abroad, the bushcraft skills we teach are relevant and tested in the real world.

Paul Kirtley heads up the Frontier Bushcraft instructional team but all of our course leaders have experience of applying their skills, knowledge and judgement in wild places. This brings a level of experience and realism to our training that is hard to find elsewhere.

Not only that, because we run expeditions in wild and remote parts of the world, we often come into contact with people who use bushcraft as a major part of their daily lives.

We bring to our UK-based bushcraft courses a sensibility, practicality and philosophy of using these skills for real, of living by them and depending upon them. We therefore teach bushcraft skills in a way that is realistic, pragmatic, without romantic embellishment and extremely practical.

Benefit from our Highly Effective Teaching Methodology

Our training methods are simple and proven

Throughout our courses, key skills are taught in a structured way:

  1. techniques are first introduced, explained and demonstrated;
  2. you will be given the opportunity to practice under the watchful eyes of the instructors;
  3. throughout the course, techniques are built upon and added to;
  4. you will come back to core techniques repeatedly;
  5. in approaching techniques from various angles and using them in different situations, the aim is to turn technique into skill.

Contact time with instructors is high

To help maintain excellent quality instruction we keep the maximum number of participants on Frontier Bushcraft courses low and the instructor-to-student ratio high.

Our teaching style is friendly and open

We believe knowledge is for sharing. We hope you will squeeze as much as you possibly can from our instructors during your time with us.

The aim of our bushcraft courses is for you to not only see the techniques, or even just ‘have a go’, but to fully participate in learning to apply them in a realistic way.

Practice does indeed make perfect!

The skills and knowledge of bushcraft are carried in your mind and in your muscles.

Only through directly applying knowledge and practising skills will you make them your own.

We look forward to helping you achieve as much as possible in your time with us.


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Bow-drill success on a Frontier Bushcraft course.
Success! Photo: Paul Kirtley.

Find Out More About Our Bushcraft Courses Today:

Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course (1-day)

Fire lighting with sparks on the Frontier bushcraft and survival foundation courseThe award-winning Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course is an engaging, hands-on and fun day in the woods learning bushcraft survival skills. We cover an important range of techniques and knowledge that will help you to provide your basic needs and to stay safe while outdoors.
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Bushcraft Essentials Course (2 days)

Bushcraft Knife Skills

Bushcraft Essentials is for those who wish to learn as much as possible in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is very much on practical application rather than theory. In return for applying yourself, you will gain a skill-set which is extremely enabling.
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Navigation 101 (2 days)

Compass on a map

Against the backdrop of rugged terrain we’ll share with you the fundamental building blocks of navigating with map and compass. We will not only give you the theory but you’ll also put it into practice. You will, step-by-step, employ a range of techniques that will allow you to explore even the wilder parts of our country.
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Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course (6 days)

Bow drill friction fire technique demonstrated on elementary bushcraft course

The Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course provides comprehensive training in the cornerstone skills of bushcraft. An in-depth course over 6-days.
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The Woodcrafter (6 days)

Gransfors Bruks Axes

The Woodcrafter course is centred on one of the most important cutting tools for outdoor life, the axe. This course is built around learning to make the most of this versatile and valuable tool. But it’s not just about axe technique. We also share with you and give you the opportunity to apply a wide range of camp craft, woodcraft and carving techniques in the proper context.
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Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course (6 days)

Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft course student with hand-drill

The Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course starts where most bushcraft courses finish. Extending and expanding on bushcraft fundamentals, this course will allow you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level and gain an increased understanding of bushcraft.
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Outdoor Emergency Preparedness Course (7 days)

An emergency outdoors

Aimed at hikers, bikers, campers, bushcrafters, canoeists, riders, shooters…. in fact anyone who spends time outdoors for leisure or work, who might need to be able to look after themselves and companions when things go awry. This unique course brings together the the skillsets of Frontier Bushcraft and Real First Aid. Frontier Bushcraft brings experience in both bushcraft and survival skills training, along with preparing for and undertaking remote expeditions. Real First Aid brings experience in first aid training for remote environments.
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Tracking and Nature Awareness Course (6 days)

Tracking and Nature Awareness course

The Frontier Bushcraft Tracking and Nature Awareness course is designed to teach you the observation and tracking methodologies you need to find, watch and follow wildlife.
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Forest Hunter Course (6 days)

Forest hunter with rifle

Frontier Bushcraft has teamed up with The Stalking School/Moray Outfitting to provide this training. It combines the bush skills of Frontier Bushcraft’s professional instructors with those of professional deer managers and firearms instructors. The Forest Hunter is a unique course, bringing together a complete package of skills required of the well-rounded deer stalker.
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Expedition Canoeing Skills Course (5 days)

Canoes with improvised sailing rig on Windermere

If you’d love to make canoe journeys – large or small – then this week-long programme delivers the paddling and campcraft skills you need to get under way with canoe-camping trips…
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Bushcraft Course Gift Vouchers

An example of a course gift certificate for Frontier Bushcraft

It can be hard to buy the right gift. Our gift certificates make great presents and are easy to use. We have a number of options available to help you keep within your budget, gift a specific bushcraft experience or keep things flexible for the recipient.
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