Excellence in Wilderness Skills and Adventure

Frontier Bushcraft provides high quality bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality instruction and unparalleled wilderness experiences.

The school was set up by Paul Kirtley with the aim of not only teaching wilderness skills but also taking people to, and guiding people in, wilderness areas where these skills can be fully utilised.

The emphasis of our bushcraft courses and wilderness expeditions is on you gaining first hand experience of applying the skills taught and negotiating the terrain of the environments visited.

We encourage confidence and self-reliance as part of your outdoors mindset, all while under the expert guidance of our course/expedition leaders.

Frontier Bushcraft course and expedition leaders are hand-picked for their experience, professionalism and friendliness. They are dedicated outdoors men and women, who earn their living from teaching and guiding people in the great outdoors.

Teaching courses and guiding expeditions is what we do. It’s not a hobby or a holiday job or a sideline. It’s how we make our living. Hence our commitment to you: providing the highest quality instruction and unparalleled wilderness experiences.

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