Lure Of The North guides Dave and Kielyn Marrone n the snow

Dave and Kielyn Marrone are the owners and operators of Lure of the North. Based out of their off-grid, wilderness property west of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, their focus is making winter a safe, enjoyable experience to as many people as possible. They use the traditional travel techniques and equipment that has been successfully developed over thousands of years and lead groups on expeditions up to three-weeks into the wildest places in the Boreal forest.

Their passion is pushing people out of their comfort zone and exploring new limits while discovering how enjoyable winter can be by using the terrain appropriate technologies. From polar dipping at their base camp to walking 170 km down the Missinaibi River, they have yet to find the limit for the intrepid adventurers that join them in the wild.

Lure Of The North and Frontier Bushcraft have teamed up to offer The Northwoods Winter Experience.

Snow walkers in the north
Dave and Kie out on the land in winter. Photo by Goh Iromoto courtesy of LOTN.