Man with Grey Corries behind him

Matt joined the Frontier Bushcraft instructional team in 2012. He attended his first bushcraft course in 2004. Prior to joining the team at Frontier Bushcraft, Matt was a student of Paul‘s for a number of years.

Matt has continued to develop his leadership and outdoors knowledge & skills. He has passed Frontier’s Aspirant Instructor programme and now leads courses.

His interest in the outdoors stems from an active involvement in Scouting since the age of 8 years old. Matt gave ten years adult voluntary service with the The Scout Association before stepping back from his various roles, which included leadership and adventurous activity instructor, among other things.

Matt has recently rejoined the Scout movement, however, to support Bushscout in the development of its course offering.

Matt is a keen hillwalker and has explored many upland parts of the UK. He holds the UK Mountain Leader Award and is a member of the Mountain Training Association.

He believes that experiences outdoors are enhanced when we are a part of and interacting with the environment, rather than simply passing through it.

Matt continues to develop his knowledge of the natural environment, leadership and outdoor skills.

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