Tom King sitting under a tarp

Tom King joined the Frontier Bushcraft team in 2020, having been drawn to bushcraft education through his love of the outdoors and professional life in education. Tom’s main occupation is in a secondary school and shares his love of the outdoors with his students whenever possible. Working in education has pushed him to constantly seek and learn new skills, leading him to attend a number of courses with Frontier Bushcraft in the years before he joined the team.

Long before this, Tom discovered that nature was a place of solace for him. On a practical level, he was give a penknife at the age of 12 and there was nothing he enjoyed more than whittlling sticks and exploring local woodlands. Tom’s favourite pastime is remains carving, spending his free time crafting spoons, bowls and other items.

Tom says “Bushcraft empowers you to be able to create from the landscape. For me there is nothing more satisfying than building a fire from a simple spark or similarly taking wood from a raw material, shaping it with traditional hand tools and creating a functional and sometimes beautiful object.”

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