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Whatever your age, blowing an ember to flame for the first time is always a joy! Photo: Martin Tomlinson

Get to Grips with the Basics in a Day

Are you interested in bushcraft but unsure you want to commit to a multi-day course?

Not sure which skills you should learn first?

It can be difficult to know where to start with bushcraft and survival skills, particularly with so many courses on offer.

Many short courses are taught by amateurs and choosing a good course can be tricky.

Frontier Bushcraft courses are taught by professional instructors with many years of experience in using and teaching the techniques you will learn.

Whether you are interested in having a go at some bushcraft skills or learning key survival techniques in case of emergency, our 1-day Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course is a great introduction to core skills.

As with all of Frontier Bushcraft’s courses, you will receive friendly, expert instruction.

But is it worth studying for only a day? While in general it can be true that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, in terms of survival situations, a little knowledge can go a long way. At home or abroad, basic bushcraft survival skills can save your life. There are countless examples to prove this.

Walkers, hikers, cyclists, mountain bikers, skiers, canoeists, kayakers and many others have benefited from having some knowledge of bushcraft and survival skills.

And if you are travelling overseas for anything other than a city break, these fundamental skills should be on your packing list.

The skills of bushcraft increase your competence, confidence and comfort. Even if you never find yourself in a survival situation, the techniques and knowledge of bushcraft enhance all your outdoor experiences.

You can also impress your friends the next time you go camping…

Introducing The Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course

Our Bushcraft and Survival Foundation course is an engaging, hands-on and fun day in the woods learning bushcraft survival skills.

The course is delivered by Frontier Bushcraft’s expert instructors in a way that means you’ll retain what you’ve learned long after the course is finished.

This course is a great day out for anyone who enjoys being outside. Participants come away with a sense of achievement and an increased confidence formed on the basis of new knowledge and skills.

Full Day of Instruction

This course isn’t a half-day course, straddling lunchtime, masquerading as a full day. We teach from the moment you arrive at our base camp until the course finishes at 18:30 and it is a very full day of learning useful skills. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth.

Skills You Can Easily Learn

The skills and knowledge we pass on during this course do not require preexisting talent or great physical strength. Once you’ve had a go (during the course), you’ll remember them.

Tried and Tested Instructional Methods

At Frontier Bushcraft, we have a teaching methodology that works: We explain, we demonstrate, then you practice.

Our skilled instructors provide informative and engaging lessons, including practical demonstrations of techniques; you then have the opportunity to apply the techniques.

Everyone is different and the instructors will help you make the techniques work for you.

Key Bushcraft and Survival Techniques

We cover what’s important. On this course you will learn broadly applicable foundational skills of bushcraft and survival that help keep people safe and comfortable in the outdoors.

Highlights of the Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course

On this course we cover a range of techniques and knowledge that will help you to provide your basic needs and to stay safe while in the outdoors. These are grouped under fire, shelter, water, food, outdoor safety and equipment.

Fire – Grasp the Fundamentals of Firelighting:

Many people struggle with lighting fires in the outdoors. A lack of confidence combined with poor technique often leads to failure, particularly in damp conditions. We’ll teach you core concepts of fire-lighting which mean that you will be able to identify, select and prepare natural materials then consistently light them with confidence. You will be able to light a fire whenever you want or need one.

Shelter – The Key Principles and Practicalities:

If you were lost or stranded, we think many people would be able to make some sort of shelter out of nearby materials. The question is, though, would it be any good? Would you get any sleep? Would it stop you becoming hypothermic? We’ll show you how to build a thermally efficient shelter from natural materials. Even if you had a tent or tarp with you, there are some key – and often overlooked – considerations you need to take into account before setting up. We’ll show you a range of lightweight shelters you can carry with you that have proved to save lives. We’ll also show you some useful knots for quick and efficient tarp pitching in the woods, whether you are stopping for lunch on a rainy day or staying for longer.

Water – Find, Collect and Purify Water:

We’ll show you how to find water even where it isn’t obvious. We’ll show you how to collect water from unlikely sources. Then, you’ll learn (and apply) techniques to make water safe to drink.

Food – Prepare Food in the Outdoors and Cook With Fire:

In our experience, many people struggle with cooking in the outdoors unless they have a stove. We’ll show you ways of preparing your food and cooking with fire – with and without cooking pots – that will allow you to enjoy tasty, hearty meals that are cooked properly.

Outdoor Safety – Core Concepts and Emergency Essentials:

Throughout the course we introduce key safety considerations and principles for the activities we are undertaking as well as being outdoors in general. We discuss how we can plan ahead to help avoid dangers and reduce risks. That said, nature is dynamic and people make mistakes. Accidents happen and unforeseen circumstances can arise. We cover essential concepts of how to deal with emergencies in the outdoors and prioritise in survival situations.

Equipment – Real-World Tips and Advice:

Our instructors are experienced and well-travelled. We will cover what we consider essential outdoor equipment – both for safety and comfort/enjoyment. You will find this advice very valuable, whether you return to us for more instruction on multi-day courses or head off on your own adventures…

Firelighting on a Frontier Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course
Learn core skills on a Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course. Photo: Paul Kirtley.


What People Say About the Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course:

Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course Reviews:

Frontier Bushcraft Bushcraft Course Review Get Active“The programme was packed with activities, but suitably paced and flexible enough to accommodate specific teaching for individuals. On the day I attended, a member of the group got a short session from Paul on bowdrill technique, for example. Groups are mixed but generally of similar ability, and come from all walks of life – though all participants share a genuine interest in the outdoors.”

Review of Frontier Bushcraft Course - Urban Bushcraft
“I thought that the day ran at the ideal pace, it was almost non-stop but I never felt rushed. Everyone from Frontier is knowledgeable and friendly, I would recommend them to anyone who is considering booking onto a bushcraft or survival course and will be looking to get myself booked onto one of Frontier Bushcraft’s other courses in the future.” Read more…

Detail of What You Will Learn: The Syllabus


  • Avoid the common mistakes everyone makes when first trying (and failing) to light a fire;
  • The 3 vital elements for successful fire-lighting;
  • How to identify the best sources of kindling;
  • How to identify and select the best firewood. Without fail;
  • How to light a campfire with only one match;
  • Two key techniques for successful fire-lighting with sparks;
  • How to select and prepare the most common natural tinders;
  • How to leave no trace of your campfire;


  • The key places you should look for water;
  • How to get water from the ground;
  • The 5 contaminants you need to know about;
  • The two fail-safe methods for purifying water;


  • Camping sites that could get you killed (or where not to put your tent, tarp or other shelter);
  • The key considerations when choosing where to build a shelter;
  • The 5 factors you need to know about to achieve a thermally efficient shelter;
  • How to build a great shelter without any tools or materials;
  • Lightweight emergency shelter options;
  • How to quickly and efficiently erect a lightweight tarp;


  • The 7 items you should never leave home without;
  • How to select equipment for a comfortable camping trip in the woods;
  • What to included in a small daypack to ensure you have everything you need for longer than a day
  • How to pack a rucksack with everything you need for a planned overnight camp or longer (and still be able to carry it);

Outdoor Safety

  • Two key acronyms everyone should know;
  • The one thing that is easy to forget but could easily save your life;
  • How to prioritise in a survival situation;
  • The key principles and methods of signalling for help in an emergency.


All the Other Details You Need to Know…


You don’t need to spend lots of money on specialist clothing or equipment for this course. What you will need is some basic outdoor clothing.

A full kit-list is available here. The kit-list will also be e-mailed to you with your e-mail receipt after your booking has been accepted.

All specialist equipment will be provided for your use during the course.


This course will be conducted entirely outdoors, from an expedition-style base camp, in the middle of a beautiful woodland site covering hundreds of acres. It’s a great place to learn!

There will be a covered teaching area which also serves as a communal area for breaks. There is a fire, kettle, tea, coffee, biscuits and cordial available here.


All food is provided. If you have any allergies, food intolerances or other dietary requirements, please make sure you include this information when you book. There is an opportunity during the booking process to tell us about this.

No Experience Required!

No previous bushcraft, survival or camping experience is required to attend this course.

Availability and Booking: Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course

Duration: 1 day (09:00 – 18:30).

Price: £129.

Suitability: 14 years & above. Anyone under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

Course size: 16 participants (maximum).

Location: East Sussex.

Course Leader: James Bath

Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course Dates:

We will not be running any of these courses in 2024.

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