Move Beyond Basic Bushcraft – Learn To Rely On Nature and Yourself

Student on the Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft course practising hand-drill
Get to grips with hand-drill fire-lighting.

Frontier Bushcraft’s Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft course starts where most bushcraft courses finish. Extending and expanding on bushcraft fundamentals, this course will allow you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level and gain an increased understanding of bushcraft.

By introducing more advanced techniques and know-how, we replace a dependence on modern equipment with a significantly increased ability to rely on natural resources. As a result, this course will allow you to move towards living comfortably in the temperate woodland environment with the use of only minimal equipment.

Our aim is for you to become both more self-reliant and more confident in applying your bushcraft skills.

The Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft course requires direct application of many key bushcraft skills and provides a fantastic experience of living close to nature. Through this experience you will gain a deeper understanding of, and respect for, the natural world and your place in it.

Please note this is not just a skills course. It is a contextual course: you will be relying on bushcraft techniques in context, in a realistic way.

Netting needles, spacer and netting
Create nets and the tools to make them.

Having the ability to take advantage of the resources nature provides – and the experience of doing so – allows us to understand both the freedoms and limitations of being more directly dependent upon nature.

The Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft course will provide you with the perspective to not take anything for granted, even when the going is good, and to be philosophical when life becomes more difficult.

Above all, you will see the value of knowledge, skill and a positive mental attitude. These are assets you can carry wherever you go and, ultimately, be entirely liberated by them.

What Our Students Say About The Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course:

Course Contents

During this course we will cover:

  • Developing your friction fire skills, including learning hand-drill technique
  • Finding and selecting materials for hand-drills
  • Fashioning first-rate, durable hand-drills
  • Harvesting bark for containers
  • Creating bark containers
  • Advanced cordage-making
  • Producing net-making equipment
  • Net making
  • Practical traps and trapping techniques
  • Realistic foraging strategies
  • Detailed instruction in edible plants
  • Understanding how to gain sufficient calories from the land
  • Natural teas and cordials
  • Aboriginal and other “no cooking pot” techniques for cooking meat, fish and roots
  • Protective group shelters
  • Comfortable and insulating beds from natural materials
  • Fundamentals of matting from rushes, reeds and other suitable plants
  • Health and hygiene using natural resources
  • Recap and refinement of relevant basic bushcraft skills


You don’t need to spend lots of money on specialist clothing or equipment for this course. What you will need is some basic outdoor clothing, a bushcraft knife and a few other basic items.

A full kit-list is available and it will also be e-mailed to you with your e-mail receipt after your booking has been accepted.

Other specialist equipment will be provided for your use during the course.


This course is conducted entirely outdoors. You will construct and live in a shelter for the duration of the course.


All food is provided but all of the preparation and cooking will be done by you and your fellow participants. If you have any allergies, food intolerances or other dietary requirements, please make sure you include this information when you book. There is an opportunity during the booking process to tell us about this. This information can also be added and edited later once you have created a log-in and password for our online booking system.

Experience Required

You should have attended a week-long entry-level bushcraft course such as our Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course or have gained a good level of skill in most of the techniques in our Online Elementary Course through self-study.

Availability and Booking: Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course

Duration: 6 days.

Price: £797.

Deposit: 25% on booking; Balance: 9 weeks prior to course date.

Suitability: 18 years and above.

Course size: 12 participants (maximum).

Location: East Sussex.

Course Meeting Time: 17:30 Day 1.

Course Finish Time: 18:30 Day 7.

Course Leader: Henry Landon.

Frontier Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course Dates:

28/07/24 – 03/08/24 New Date!

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