Paddling on the Missinaibi River as part of a Frontier Bushcraft wilderness expedition

Travel in Wild and Remote Natural Environments

One of Frontier Bushcraft’s aims is to facilitate the learning and application of wilderness skills in context – while travelling in wild or remote natural environments. Frontier Bushcraft’s range of Expeditions delivers precisely this.

The Frontier Expedition philosophy is straightforward and consistent. The major part of each Frontier Expedition involves making a real journey in wild country, while learning, applying and consolidating bushcraft skills relevant to the environment. You will be expertly guided, as part of a small group of like-minded people in a friendly atmosphere, with time being given to savour the landscape and wildlife around you.

Frontier Expeditions are not static courses but active trips. For you to get the most from your expedition you should be prepared to engage with nature and the local people while having respect for the environment and local customs. In return, you will gain practical skills and valuable real-world experiences that are empowering and liberating, along with memories that will stay with you for many years.

Frontier Bushcraft will always strive to provide high quality yet good value courses and expeditions. When we work with in-country partners to provide courses or expeditions, we will only work with those who pay their staff a fair wage, have high safety standards as well as, where relevant, providing equipment, accommodation and vehicles that are good quality. This sometimes makes our trips more expensive than they could otherwise be, but we are committed to maintaining high ethical and safety standards as well as the quality of your experience with us from start to finish.

Frontier Expeditions are for small groups, usually of up to only eight guests, or tailor-made for private groups.

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River Spey Canoe Expedition

View from boat on river Spey

If you want to graduate to wilderness canoe touring there is no better way in Britain than this classic Scottish river journey. Starting at Loch Insh, in the shadow of the Cairngorm mountains, your descent of the River Spey will lead you to the sea at Spey Bay, wild camping each night along the way.
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The Missinaibi Canoe Expedition

Fur trade canoe black and white photograph

A two-week voyage through the Canadian wilderness of northern Ontario, on a river which was one of the arterial trade routes of the canoe era. Since then, the Missiniabi’s remoteness has helped protect its natural heritage. This journey is a wilderness canoe expedition in the truest sense and there is great potential for spotting and observing wildlife throughout the trip.
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The Bloodvein River Canoe Expedition

Frontier Bushcraft Canoe Expedition on the Bloodvein River

The land through which the Bloodvein flows is a region of boreal forest the size of Denmark called Pimachiowin Aki (The Land That Gives Life), which Manitoba, Ontario and five First Nations moved to be a UNESCO world heritage site. The David Suzuki foundation calls it the largest intact piece of boreal forest on the planet.
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The Porcupine River Canoe Expedition

white water

The Porcupine is Saskatchewan’s most northerly river. Starting on the border between northern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories, this is a true northern wilderness river, in the land of “the little sticks”. The Porcupine is remote and spectacular. Paddling aficionados consider it possibly the best river trip in this part of the world. Yet very few paddle the route in any given year. Find out more…

The Northwoods Winter Experience

The Northwoods Winter Experience is a joint venture between Frontier Bushcraft and Lure Of The North. It combines expertise in a variety of subject areas, and experience in a range of winter environments, to provide you with a unique and highly valuable experience, packed with winter wilderness living skills. Find out more…

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