“Rapids are a challenge. Dangerous though they may be, no one who has ever known the canoe trails of the North does not love their thunder and the rush of them. No man who has portaged around whitewater, studied the swirls, the smooth, slick sweeps and the V’s that point the way above the breaks, has not wondered if he should try. Is there any suspense that quite compares with that moment of commitment when the canoe then is taken by its unseen power? Rapids can be run in larger craft, but it is in a canoe that one really feels the river and the power of it.” – Sigurd Olson, The Singing Wilderness.

Two men with ropes controlling a canoe, walking quickly along a rocky riverbank, with whitewater rapids in the background
Lining in the canyon section of the Porcupine River. Photo: Paul Kirtley.

Porcupine River Expedition

Duration: 16 days.
Dates: 2 July 2023 – 17 July 2023
Price: £5,779.
Deposit: 25% on booking.
Suitability: 18 years and above.
Group size: 8 participants (maximum).
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada.
Meeting Place: Saskatoon.
Expedition leaders: Ray Goodwin and Paul Kirtley.