Kevin Callan and Ray Goodwin in Conversation

Two men on Zoom video conference
Ray Goodwin and Kevin Callan have a virtual fireside chat.

During these unusual times, limited in our activities and movements by coronavirus restrictions, many of us are keeping in touch online, in lieu of catching up in person, more than ever. It’s a great means of maintaining the connections we have, as well as reminiscing about adventures we have had together.

It’s even better when these conversations are recorded and shared with other interested listeners…

Kevin Callan is on fire with his Whisky Fireside Chat series at the moment. It’s a longstanding series on his YouTube channel but he is making use of the time at home by recording as many as he can during “lockdown”. Kevin, Ray, Justine Curgenven and I paddled the River Spey together a few years ago and readers of this blog may well remember the videos Kevin made of the trip. We had a hoot!

Readers who follow both my work and Kevin’s might also remember I contributed to Kevin’s Complete Guide To Winter Camping book. Kevin has been a guest on my podcast several times too. Check out the links further down this page if you are interested in listening to these.

Many readers here will be familiar with Ray Goodwin. He is one of my oldest collaborators in offering outdoor training and all of Frontier Bushcraft’s canoe training and canoe trips involve Ray. He’s also the author of a great, modern book on canoeing, as well as having been on my podcast multiple times also.

Ray and Kevin recently got together for an online chat and the video is above. I always enjoy conversations with Ray and Kevin, and this is no exception. Keep an eye out for an episode of Kevin’s Whisky Fireside Chat series featuring yours truly before too long…

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