Andy Chadderton head and shoulders

Andy Chadderton was born in industrial South Manchester, but from his earliest memory was drawn to the wilder places – in the days when what many people now call Bushcraft was simply called ‘going outside’! The call of the wild got rather out of hand – for many years now, Andy has lived in a remote off-grid cottage in Scotland.

Being introduced to shooting at 5 years old was the start of over 45 years of an active interest that has encompassed most forms of shooting disciplines and professional applications, although always with a leaning toward the sporting rifle and deer management.

Andy undertook his first formal deer management training in 1984 and has spent much of the last two decades as the Rifle Skills Instructor with a deer management training organisation and as a professional Deer Stalker.

Over time, ballistic theory and the technical side of shooting really came to be shadowed by a focus upon practical application and, in particular, instruction and coaching. Andy says “It doesn’t matter how good a shot I am; my role is to help you become the best shot you can be”.

Andy is a qualified Range Conducting Officer and Approved Witness for the Deer Management Qualifications Deer Stalking Certificate Scheme.

Andy instructs on the Forest Hunter course.

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