August 2017

Post image for Deliberate Practice At The Mill: The Value Of Intent

Paul Kirtley argues deliberate practice is important to achieve higher levels of proficiency in outdoor skills such as canoeing but also within bushcraft. It’s not the hours that you put in but what you put into the hours… Read more...

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Post image for It’s Just A Knife: Use It

Knives are tools to be used and utility is their main value argues Iain Gair in an opinion piece as pared down as his first Mora knife, which now resembles a stiletto more than a bushcraft blade. Verging on a rant, Iain argues against preciousness in knife buying and use. Your knife is your life, is the accepted wisdom. But Iain throws a question or two at this too… Read more...


Post image for Basic Mistakes To Learn From: Thinking Back To Corsica

“I’m human so I make mistakes”, says James Bath. He continues, “I’m not afraid of trying things but I absolutely detest getting things wrong. This may make me sound like a spoilt child but I completely thrash myself when I get things wrong. It’s my personality, and whilst it may not show on the outside, on the inside I’m being brutal with myself.” In this article James thinks back to some naive mistakes he made on a hiking trip in Corsica, a place he thought he knew well… Read more...

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