Basic Mistakes To Learn From: Thinking Back To Corsica

“I’m human so I make mistakes”, says James Bath. He continues, “I’m not afraid of trying things but I absolutely detest getting things wrong. This may make me sound like a spoilt child but I completely thrash myself when I get things wrong. It’s my personality, and whilst it may not show on the outside, on the inside I’m being brutal with myself.” In this article James thinks back to some naive mistakes he made on a hiking trip in Corsica, a place he thought he knew well…

Making Tracks In Iceland: Building Hiking Trails With The Icelandic Forestry Service

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Henry Landon volunteered with the Icelandic Forestry Service, to build, repair and maintain the trails that are so popular with hikers. As well as making some new friends and enjoying the breathtaking scenery on the Laugavegur trail, he now has more appreciation for those that take on such essential work.

Norwegian Ski Tour; In The Land Of The Saboteurs

Henry Landon and friends visit the terrain of The Heroes of Telemark, starting in Norway’s Rjukan Valley. Camping on the Hardangervidda, dealing with cold conditions, bitter winds and the prospect of frostbite, they gained a new respect for the wartime saboteurs…