April 2020

Bushcraft Beef Jerky In The Woods

by Martin Tomlinson

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Frontier Bushcraft team member Martin Tomlinson was spending a few days in the woods and took the opportunity to build a quick-and-easy jerky smoker, all from natural materials. This is a fun project that applies campcraft, bindcraft and firecraft skills, with the end-product of a tasty, nutritious food for camp or the trail… Read more...


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Paul Kirtley joins Kevin Callan on Kevin’s remote video interview series, covering a good amount of ground in the conversation. Topics include motivations for being an outdoors educator, why we make outdoor journeys and where is most solace found. Paul tells a story about when he and a group of friends walked across Scotland, taking in the nine highest mountain peaks. The conversation also covers canoe adventures in the UK and Canada as well as giving rise to more general questions around the risks of wilderness travel, how you can transpose bushcraft skills and knowledge from one environment to another, as well as whisky!… Read more...


Post image for A Springtime Feast: Cooking Up A Treat In The Woods

Frontier Instructional Team member Henry Landon recounts a springtime foray into the woods to cook up a springtime feast in a pit oven. On what was already set to be a great day in the woods, Henry and companion discovered an extra bonus, enough to delight even the most discerning foragers… Read more...


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During these unusual times, limited in our activities and movements by coronavirus restrictions, many of us are keeping in touch online, in lieu of catching up in person, more than ever. It’s a great means of maintaining the connections we have, as well as reminiscing about adventures we have had together. Ray Goodwin, one of the UK’s foremost canoe coaches gets together with The Happy Camper, Kevin Callan, for a virtual fireside chat (and a whisky)… Read more...


Mastering The J-Stroke

by Ray Goodwin

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Even in easy conditions, whether we are paddling a canoe solo, or paddling tandem, we are going to have to do some form of steering. There’s a whole variety of strokes that you can use. What we are also interested in is travelling forwards. So, for efficiency, we are interested in power strokes that also incorporate some steering. In this post, which includes a very clear instructional video, Ray Goodwin first looks at the difference between two main families of paddle strokes that we may use for forward propulsion combined with a steering element, before going on to focus on the J-stroke and the ways it can be applied, in different situations and with different types of paddles… Read more...

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Post image for Getting Fit For Your Next Adventure

Preparation for outdoor adventures includes preparing your body so it is up to the job. This means making sure you have the capacity to undertake what you want to achieve as well as minimising the chances of injury while out in the wilds. In the first of a new series on the Frontier Bushcraft Blog, Henry Landon shows you how to get fit for your next adventure… Read more...