Award-Winning Bushcraft Courses
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You’ve come to the right place for bushcraft courses. Frontier Bushcraft has a comprehensive range of fantastic courses on offer. From gentle introductions to intensive training courses. One of our bushcraft courses is right for you…

Why Frontier Bushcraft?

Frontier Bushcraft has one of the most experienced and well-regarded instructional teams in the UK, headed up by Paul Kirtley:

Paul Kirtley
Paul Kirtley: Professional Bushcraft Instructor.
Best In Bushcraft Awards Best Bushcraft Instructor

  • Voted the UK’s top bushcraft instructor in the 2012 Best In Bushcraft Awards
  • Trained under Ray Mears for 10 years;
  • Recipient of the antler-handled Woodlore Instructor’s knife;
  • Previously Course Director (chief instructor) at Mears’ bushcraft school for 4 years;
  • A respected authority, writing the UK’s top-ranked bushcraft blog;

Voted The UK’s Best Bushcraft School

Frontier Bushcraft has rapidly become recognised as one of the UK’s leading bushcraft schools.

In 2012 Frontier Bushcraft was voted the UK’s Best Bushcraft School.

Frontier Bushcraft - Best in Bushcraft Best Bushcraft School Winner 2012

A Comprehensive Range of Bushcraft Courses

We’ve designed a range of bushcraft courses – 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 5-day and 6-day
– to systematically teach bushcraft skills to you in a digestible and memorable way…

Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course (1 Day)

The award-winning Bushcraft and Survival Foundation Course is an engaging, hands-on and fun day in the woods learning bushcraft survival skills. We cover an important range of techniques and knowledge that will help you to provide your basic needs and to stay safe while in the outdoors.

Best Bushcraft Course banner

  • Fire – Grasp the Fundamentals of Firelighting
  • Shelter – The Key Principles and Practicalities
  • Water – Find, Collect and Purify Water
  • Food – Prepare Food in the Outdoors and Cook With Fire
  • Outdoor Safety – Core Concepts and Emergency Essentials
  • Equipment – Real-World Tips and Advice


Bushcraft Essentials (2 Days)

Bushcraft Essentials is for those who wish to learn as much as possible in the shortest possible time. The emphasis is very much on practical application rather than theory. In return for applying yourself, you will gain a skill-set which is extremely enabling.

In designing this course we asked ourselves the following:

  • Which of the bushcraft skills are most important?
  • Which skills, in reality, do we use the most?
  • Which bushcraft skills are essential for travel in wild and remote areas?
  • Which skills do we want you to go away with and be able to apply?

What we came up with was an amazing wish-list of wilderness bushcraft skills.


Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft (6 Days)

The Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft Course provides comprehensive training in the cornerstone skills of bushcraft:

  • How to choose cutting tools for wilderness bushcraft
  • Safety in the use of cutting tools
  • The knife techniques of bushcraft
  • Carving skills and making useful utensils and gadgets
  • Knife sharpening – at home and on the trail
  • Methods of fire-lighting, including friction fire-lighting
  • Choosing and preparing tinder and kindling
  • Fire management and creating the right fire for the job
  • Cooking with fires – with and without a cooking pot
  • Water – finding, collecting and purifying
  • How to choose and use a tarp
  • Shelters from natural materials
  • Making cordage from plant fibres, roots and bark
  • Trees and plants for food and medicine
  • Poisonous trees and plants
  • Traps and trapping
  • Small game preparation
  • Wilderness fishing techniques
  • Elementary natural navigation
  • Wilderness environmental hazards
  • Looking after the land and leaving no trace


Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft (6 Days)

The Intermediate Wilderness Bushcraft Course starts where most bushcraft courses finish. Extending and expanding on bushcraft fundamentals, this course will allow you to take your skills and knowledge to the next level and gain an increased understanding of bushcraft. We will cover:

  • Advanced friction fire techniques including hand-drill
  • Containers from natural materials
  • Advanced cordage-making
  • Producing net-making equipment
  • Net making
  • Producing native fishing equipment
  • Advanced trapping techniques
  • Detailed instruction in edible plants
  • Aboriginal cooking techniques
  • Effective group shelters
  • Beds, mats and duvets
  • Health and hygiene using natural resources
  • Recap and refinement of relevant basic bushcraft skills


Tracking and Nature Awareness (6 days)

The Frontier Bushcraft Tracking and Nature Awareness course is designed to teach you the observation and tracking methodologies you need to know to become a really good tracker.

First through fun and engaging exercises, then through practical application, we will teach you skills for moving unseen and unheard so that you can get close to the wildlife you want to see. We will also spend time looking for, identifying and interpreting animal tracks and sign.

Tracking is quite a difficult skill to learn (and harder to teach than most) but it is extremely rewarding. Once you have learned the fundamentals of tracking you will see the natural world with a whole new level of clarity and detail.

Our instructors have been teaching tracking for nearly a decade and have taught tracking to military, police, and search & rescue personnel.