Preparations at New Bushcraft Course Venue

Some of the Frontier Bushcraft team spent the past few days camping in the woods, making preparations at a fabulous new course site where we’ll be running a wide range of bushcraft courses. The site is beautiful and consists of a large area of mixed woodland with a rich variety of flora and fauna – an excellent venue for teaching bushcraft.

We set up a simple camp to work from and then got to work sourcing materials from the forest to build some base-camp facilities for our courses.

Ian using chainsaw to make planks from wind-blown tree trunk
Ian sawing planks for seating from the trunk of a wind-blown tree. Photo: Paul Kirtley.
Ian working on the planks to make rustic benches.
Making rustic seating benches for the base-camp teaching area. Photo: Paul Kirtley.

Despite all the hard work, we also managed to find the time to do some foraging for wild foods. We were delighted to find a good supply of chanterelles. These were added to our one of our breakfasts, which helped fuel all the activity!

Paul foraging for chantarelles
We were delighted to find chantarelles. Photo: Barry Smith.
A good haul of chanterelles.
A good haul of chanterelles. Photo: Barry Smith.
Barry cooking a breakfast of bacon with chanterelles and bannock.
Barry cooking a breakfast of bacon with chanterelles and bannock. Photo: Paul Kirtley.
Barry and Chris in camp
Barry finishes breakfast while Chris tests out a new bench. Photo: Paul Kirtley.

Our first course at this great new site starts next weekend and we look forward to sharing our campfire here with many more of you in the future.

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Paul Kirtley is Founder and Chief Instructor of Frontier Bushcraft. He has had a lifelong passion for the great outdoors and gains great satisfaction from helping others enjoy it too. Paul writes the UK's leading bushcraft blog. He is the author of Wilderness Axe Skills and Campcraft, as well as having contributed to several other books. Paul has been involved in teaching bushcraft since 2003. He is also a Canoe Leader, British Canoeing Level 3 Canoe Coach and UK Summer Mountain Leader.

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12 Responses

  1. Duncan Stillwell
    | Reply

    This looks excellent and fun. wish I could have helped with the set up. However, I look forward to being able to visit sometime. Wishing all of you all the very best, and many fruitful years ahead for the company.
    If I may suggest, how about a “Meet The Team” section on your page that introduces the team, a picture and a small profile perhaps?

    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Hi Duncan

      Yes, it was an enjoyable few days. I hope you can get down to see the site one day. Thanks for your kind words and best wishes.

      It’s a good idea to add a ‘meet the team’ section and we will be doing this. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Best regards


  2. Steve Harral
    | Reply

    Looks a great place Paul… and nice to see benchs rather than logs to sit on :o)

    I hope the course goes well for you

    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Thanks Steve. The benches are great but you could still bring your chair though 🙂

  3. Mark H
    | Reply

    Congratulations Paul and all the Frontier Team,

    Looks like very satisfying work , I am sure the end product will be superb. Lovely surroundings , good instructors etc etc..the perfect recipe for Bushcraft success. All the best for your first course, exciting times. Break a leg – eh ! Or is it cut a thumb. Hope to join you guys one day.
    Go well

    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Thanks Mark, we’re really looking forward to running courses at this site. While this weekend marks the first Frontier Bushcraft course at this venue, as a group of instructors we’ve been teaching bushcraft for a good few years now, so I think things will go smoothly. I’m sure there will be a few nicks on thumbs though – there always are 🙂

      You’re always welcome around our campfire. Anytime….

      All the best


  4. Chrissy Blakeman
    | Reply

    Congratulations, Paul … Brilliant that you have set up your own Bushcraft venture. Good luck to you and your new team.

    I know your courses will be a great success ….. (and I can say that ‘cos, as you know, I’ve been on a number of your events in the past!)

    Best wishes.


    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Hi Chrissy,

      It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for your message and kind words.

      We hope to see you again before too long!

      All the best


  5. Alexis Crossland
    | Reply

    You are so gifted in imparting bushcraft skills – I am so glad to see that you are not just writing fascinating blogs… It is now a question of choosing the course to do and raiding the piggy bank!

    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Alexis, thanks for your kind words. It would be lovely to see you on a course at some point.

  6. Jon Brian
    | Reply

    Paul, Glad to see you’re carrying on your excellent work in a new venture. Must confess to being disappointed to hear that you and Ian had moved on from Woodlore. Looking forward to joining one of your courses at some point.

    Very tempted by the Tanzanian venture, but with a 7 month old son at the moment, Mrs B would not be very impressed for me to disappear for a fortnight in 2012. Maybe 2013 though if it’s run again… 😉

    • Paul Kirtley
      | Reply

      Hi Jon

      Thanks for getting in touch. It’s good to hear from you and I hope we see you in the woods on a course before too long.

      In the meantime enjoy your family life and we’ll keep you posted regarding 2013 dates via the newsletter and website. Hopefully by 2013 you will have earned a holiday pass… 🙂

      All the best and keep in touch,


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