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French River canoe

The French River expedition is our foundation-level Canadian canoeing trip. Here you can hone and integrate your bushcraft and expedition canoeing skills. The expedition provides fantastic opportunity to follow the paddles and portages of natives, explorers and voyageurs on a Canadian Heritage River.
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Paul Kirtley is owner and Chief Instructor of Frontier Bushcraft. He has had a lifelong passion for the great outdoors and gains great satisfaction from helping others enjoy it too. Paul writes the UK's leading bushcraft blog as well as for various publications including Bushcraft & Survival Skills Magazine.

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  1. Elen Sentier

    wonderful journey – would love to do that but it’s beyond me this lifetime 🙂

  2. Toby

    It’s not working on my iPhone 🙁 would be lovely lunchtime viewing!

    • Toby

      It worked! Looks like an AMAZING trip. I’m starting saving now! 2 questions: 1-what are the Mosquitos/insects like that time of year? 2- what is the average weather and temp would you say?

      • Paul Kirtley

        Hi Toby,

        I’m pleased you got it working. It IS a great trip 🙂

        We don’t always run the trip at the same time of year every year BUT we do run this trip at times when populations of insects are unlikely to be a major problem. There are two insect populations to be avoided – mosquitoes and blackfly.

        Blackfly are out first, usually by mid-May and declining significantly by the back-end of June. Mosquitoes start later but last longer, usually into July (but again are in decline then). Mosquitoes can be a problem in the more shady backwoods but on the breezier, sunnier edges near open water, are not a problem during the day. In still conditions they can be a pest around dusk and the hours afterwards. In such camping spots, the key is to make sure you’re in your tent by then.

        The weather can be warm (20+ centigrade) by day and a little chilly at night. It can be misty and cool in the mornings until the sun breaks through, when it becomes a lot warmer. It can be cloudy and cooler during the day and there can also be heavy rains. You should therefore come prepared for – and expecting – a range of weather conditions.

        In terms of the strength of the Sun, the latitude is similar to the southern half of France.

        The following link provides some good historical weather charts. Parry Sound is a little way south of The French River area but these temperatures are representative for the wider area.

        We run the trip in late June/Early July or September. You’ll see that the temperatures are similar at these times, with temps likely to be a little warmer at the end of the June/July trips than the September trips and vice-versa.

        Hope this helps!

        Warm regards,


  3. Kirkland Baptie

    I saw the chap in the back of the boat at 6:07 in this video and thought what a character he’s wearing a first world war german helmet lol. One problem with a course like this – I’d never want to go back to work again! Simply fantastic, what an experience. Most greatfull that you shared this Paul.

    • Paul Kirtley

      Hi Kirkland,

      Glad you liked that! Hhahah re the helmet – everyone was wearing proper headgear even if some of it might look a little retro 😉

      I understand about not wanting to return to work; even for me (and I do have the chance to go back again regularly) it’s hard to settle down after a trip like this.

      Thanks for your comment and happy you enjoyed the video.

      Warm regards,


  4. Andre, Botha

    Hey Paul, it was awesome to watch the clip. You are blessed to spend time in such a beautiful part of God’s creation. I teach in Durban, South Africa, and I have an adventure group called The Badgers. It’s a group of school children ranging between the ages of 7 to 15, and we do hikes and many bushcraft camps. We often go for hikes in the beautiful range of Drakensberg in Kwa Zulu Natal. Hope to hear from you soon. Andre’

    • Paul Kirtley

      Hey Andre,

      Welcome and thanks for your message.

      I’ve never a been to the Drakensberg but a South African friend of mine tells me it is really beautiful there. It’s great that you are introducing young people to adventures in the great outdoors and in such a wonderful part of the world. Those experiences will leave a really positive impression on them no doubt. It’s great work.

      Take care,


  5. Sam Wilson

    Magic glad Amanda got it or Spoons I mean , this is better than television love it! Well done all you guys, keep up with the videos Paul.

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