Old vs New – A Quest For The Quickest

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James Bath often wondered if power tools were actually quicker than hand tools when felling and chopping logs. So he set up a completely unofficial and absolutely scientifically useless experiment to find the answer! Incorporating this into a family ‘wooding’ day justified this firewood production exercise…

Kayaking The Stockholm Archipelago

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Uninhabited islands, calm, sheltered and clear waters, stunning views, sunshine and freedom characterise the Stockholm archipelago. Astrid Callomon and friends take to sea kayaks for wild camping exploration of this stunning area. Read more in Astrid’s captivating article…

How to Stow Your Kit for a Canoe Expedition

Stowing your equipment properly is an important consideration for any canoe trip. It’s important for protecting your kit. It’s important for your safety. Whether you are heading out on the water for the day or for several weeks, there are … Continued

Wilderness Canoeing: Personal Bushcraft & Survival Kit

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I always enjoy making canoe journeys in wild country. Particularly when you travel as a single tandem pair, or even solo, there is a feeling of isolation and giving yourself up to the wilderness. The canoe is quiet and has … Continued